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About Us

About Us

Hong Kong Solaris Industries Group Limited

      In 2018, Hong Kong’s Solaris Industries Group Limited was 36 years old. Its growth has gone through three stages, with three different company names. 


      On October 15, 1982, Hong Kong Solaris Industries Group Limited, the former name is Hong Kong Solaris Mould Manufacturing Factory is registered and established in Hong Kong. It is a plastic mould manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of plastic injection moulds for babies, children’s products and household appliances.


      In 1992, the factory moved to Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The name of Hong Kong Solaris Mould Factory was changed to Hong Kong Sunshine Plastics. The business scope has also changed from mould manufacturing to specialized production of plastic baby products. It has become a famous manufacturer of plastic baby products in Europe and the United States and has become the leading manufacturer of baby products in Europe and the United States.


      In 2003, Hong Kong Sunshine Plastics began to create its own brand-bobo in China. In order to coordinate the business of its subsidiaries in China and Hong Kong, Hong Kong Solaris Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. was renamed as Hong Kong Solaris Groups and became the parent company of the subsidiaries in China and Hong Kong. The three Chinese characters of “Xin Wen Yue” are the initials of the brand’s founder and his sons and daughters, which means that brand is not the cause of a generation; and the English name of the company, “Solaris,” means “fly into space,” which is meaningful. 


      Today, Hong Kong Solaris has completed the “located in Shanghai, expanded in China market”.  Solaris Children Care is located in the A grade a commercial building of Jing’an Temple which in the center of Shanghai. The factory has also moved from Dongguan city in Guangdong province to Pinghu city in Jiaxing area in Zhejiang province. It is only 19 minutes’ drive from Shanghai.


     The Group not only have the factory, but also the brand, bobo, which cooperate with designers and manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places to design and label products for the bobo brand, gradually achieving the strategy of  “Chinese brand, made in global”


      The long-term cooperation between China and foreign countries has promoted the combination of Chinese traditional culture and western modern culture, it has become the unique corporate culture of Solaris. 


      The unique corporate culture makes Solaris maintain an open and cooperative attitude, an equal spirit of cooperation and a win-win goal of cooperation, thus maintaining a steady pace of development. The Solaris is on its way to success. 


      Bobo is a baby child brand from Hong Kong, 30 years leading professional bottle nipple development, with world class manufacturing equipment and top product development team, providing bottles and milk for infants aged 15-40 professionally and professionally. Mouth cup pot tableware household nursing and so on a series of feeding and nursing supplies. Altogether 95 kinds of patents are owned and more than 30 items per year are developed continuously. Bobo focused on infant child products development, technology created good quality achievement maternal love, heart manufacturing worldwide family trust baby child brand.


For more details, please click here to bobo website.

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