Solaris | 香港新文越實業集團
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About Us

           After more than ten years of development, bobo has become a well-known brand in the industry with excellent quality. The annual sales volume of the market exceeds 800 million RMB. 


      The Group not only have the factory, but also the brand, bobo, which cooperate with designers and manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places to design and label products for the bobo, and gradually achieving the strategy of  “Chinese brand, made in global”


      The long-term cooperation between China and foreign countries has promoted the combination of Chinese traditional culture and western modern culture, it has become the unique corporate culture of Solaris. 


      The unique corporate culture makes Solaris maintain an open and cooperative attitude, an equal spirit of cooperation and a win-win goal of cooperation, thus maintaining a steady pace of development. The Solaris is on its way to success.